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Max Feeman

Why is design an important part of revitalizing communities?
Design is critical to the development and revitalization of communities. As communities develop, the overall aesthetic of that neighborhood develops. Here we have the choice to bring a new look into a neighborhood or elevate the existing one. Philadelphia has so much character and critical thinking in revitalization design is paramount to keeping that character.
What has been most surprising, rewarding, or fun about your Collaborative experience?
Working with the team at Wharton Wesley has been a truly remarkable experience. Their open minds, kind hearts, and bright energy made discussing big changes to this building which is so integral to their lives enjoyable and invigorating.
What do you love most about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a city unlike any other. Philadelphia's diversity of culture, architecture, and mindset make for a one-of-a-kind way of life where any goal, no matter how ambitious can be accomplished with enough dedication. We have everything anybody could ask for within arms reach and programs such as the Design Collaborative bring these resources and heritage to even more people with each project.


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