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Marguerite Hollander

Why is design an important part of revitalizing communities?
While community is an inherent component of the average person's life, not everyone has the perspective that design also plays a major role. Many design industries - architecture, interiors, furniture, etc. - study the way people live, learn and interact in order to provide intentional and well-considered solutions to both active and passive issues. At the scale of buildings and masterplans, architects have a unique opportunity to provide contextual, comprehensive design ideas to communities that have not been able to take a step back and understand how their values and mission might be able to manifest itself in their environment. Design is an important part of revitalizing communities, inspiring individuals, and enlivening physical spaces.

What has been most surprising, rewarding, or fun about your Collaborative experience?
Working on a Collaborative project was an eye-opening and enjoyable experience. Our project' stakeholders were extremely progressive and forward-thinking with their feedback, their program wishlist, and even their own public-private partnership with the Southwest CDC. This approach made the entire process both enlightening and rewarding for me, and I hope to have more Collaborative experiences as positive as this one.

What do you love most about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a city unlike any other, with references to other eras of history and demographics embedded in each unique neighborhood. I truly love the scale, the heritage, and the inherent sense of place that you have when you're here.


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