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Kate Cowing

Q. Why is design an important part of revitalizing communities?

R. Community is so important to all aspects of life and the infrastructure has a big influence on it.  Rehabilitating the existing infrastructure in a sensitive manner helps ground the community by retaining its sense of place.  Designing new buildings based on the community's needs, desires, and most importantly, support, helps bolster that sense of place and sense of community.

Q. What has been most surprising, rewarding, or fun about your Collaborative experience?

R. The most rewarding part of this project was getting to know the clients. They are a wonderful group of people and I am proud to have been part of their project.

Q. What do you love most about Philadelphia?

R. I was never a "city" person until I moved to Philadelphia.  I love being surrounded by history whether from the 18th century or the 20th century, Philadelphia has been part of it all and our buildings show it. 

However the thing I love most about Philadelphia are the people.  Although it may not be what most people see but Philadelphians tend to be friendly and kind to each other.  I love how complete strangers will get into conversations on the bus or in a line, or how people stop to talk to a tourist about their favorite place in the city. The sense of community is extremely strong and Philadelphians are proud of the city.



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