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Steps to a Green Schoolyard

School communities need a roadmap when, or even before, they undertake a schoolyard improvement project. 
Conceptual design for the northwest entrance to the High School of the Creative and Performing Arts

The Collaborative facilitates conceptual planning that helps school and community groups to articulate a vision, but that’s just one piece of the process. Schoolyard transformation can take years, rather than months, to accomplish. An effective project requires community building, tenacity, attention to detail, and endurance.

This section summarizes some of steps you’ll encoun­ter along the way to a better schoolyard. This is important because the work you do in the early stages will sustain you over the duration of the project—and beyond. 


Steps to a Green Schoolyard

Here are some of the steps you’ll encounter along the way. You’ll learn as you go that the process is not always this linear - there are often lots of starts and stops. You may overlap or repeat several steps as your project takes shape.


Connect the Classroom

Make a (Conceptual) Plan

Find the Funding


Implement Your Plan

Steward Your Success



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