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How We Can Help

The Collaborative offers grants of design services to school and community groups. 

Through a Design Grant, we can match you with a team of volunteer design professionals, including architects, landscape architects, engineers, and cost estimators. We work closely with you to engage stakeholders, articulate a compelling vision, and create a conceptual plan for your future schoolyard. These tools are essential to the community building as well as the fundraising that will make your project a success.

The Collabortive offers a range of support through these early design phases: 

  • An evaluation of your site, including stormwater runoff and drainage conditions
  • Strategic help in engaging members of your community (gathering a task force, hosting meetings with stakeholders, etc.)
  • A site plan that illustrates the proposed layout for the schoolyard
  • Renderings that illustrate what the space will look like
  • Preliminary cost estimates, for budgetary and fundraising purposes
  • A maintenance plan for any new site elements
  • A manageable phasing strategy, including some smaller do-it-yourself projects


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