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Case Studies

Conceptual plans help schools and communities navigate successfully through design, fund­ing, and implementation. You may recognize aspects of your own school in one of these inspiring stories of change.

The Collaborative has helped create conceptual plans for over 20 green schoolyards within the School District of Philadelphia—and several for independent schools and other public school systems. This section explores how we served three specific schools, finding creative ways to build on each school’s particular strengths and address its unique challenges.

Each took a different approach to transforming its schoolyard:

  • Lea initiated its project through a community group rather than a parent/teacher association.
  • Cook-Wissahickon has made incremental changes.
  • Greenfield remade its schoolyard entirely, with the support of a broad team of stakeholders.

Our conceptual plans have helped these school and community groups navigate successfully through subsequent design, fund­ing, and implementation phases. All three benefitted from funding for stormwater improvements through the Philadelphia Water Department and other sources.




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