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Housing/Community Development

Resources for Human Development, Inc.

Volunteer Design Team

"Encouraging communities to have planned and designed spaces can increase civic pride and investment by community members and outsiders."

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Denise Richards

Keast & Hood
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The most rewarding thing about working on a project is experiencing the genuine appreciation of the community members we are designing for."

USA Architects (Phila Office)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rhea Gargullo

USA Architects (Phila Office)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reflects volunteers' profession and firm at time of Design Grant
Project Title
Morris Home: Feasibility Study for Transitional Housing
1803 N 18th Street and 1843 N 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Cecil B. Moore
Lower North Philadelphia
Volunteer Hours
Value of Pro Bono Services
Design Grant Completed
August 12, 2021


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