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Parkside Historic Preservation Corporation

An Urban Land Institute study for East Parkside recommended improving the neighborhood school. As part of pursuing that goal local leaders wanted to explore how to improve Leidy’s bleak playground. The design team’s observations of children gleefully playing on snow mounds inspired a major feature proposed for the playground, sculpted play surfaces surrounding a sundial.

Volunteer Design Team

Betsy Caesar

Wawa, Pennsylvania

Jayne Spector

Landscape Architect, Registered

"When people can take part in affecting the outcome a project, they tend to care more about how it gets built and used."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Funk

Cost Estimator

"All the design team members have great experiences and ideas, but it's the community that has the intimate experiences and ideas that are needed to develop the project concepts and designs."

Oreland, Pennsylvania

Michael Spain

Architectural Designer

“Design gives people a tool to be active in the decisions of their community and see the impact it can have.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Susan Edens

Landscape Architectural Designer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reflects volunteers' profession and firm at time of Design Grant
Project Title
Leidy School: Campus Parks Conceptual Design
Belmont & Thompson Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
West Philadelphia
Volunteer Hours
Value of Pro Bono Services
Design Grant Completed
July 16, 2003


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