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Economic Development

African Cultural Alliance of North America, Inc.

ACANA provides services to support the Woodland Avenue Commercial Corridor, a multi-cultural community including African American, West African, Caribbean, Asian, and Latino residents and businesses. The Collaborative’s volunteers worked with ACANA to engage this diverse community in envisioning streetscape improvements for their corridor. Together, they developed a color palette and graphics to create a unique identity for the corridor. Our volunteers also designed banners, storefronts, street trees and planted bump outs, outdoor display stands, modular furniture, and painted sidewalks to define café and gathering zones.

Volunteer Design Team

Kelsey Ross

Architect, Registered

"Not all of the residents of the community we were working with could speak English, and it was incredible to see the way we could communicate their vision through design. It was fun to work side by side with people from other disciplines too."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Leandro Cortez

Architectural Designer

"When you piece together distinct stories it allows for you to understand an individual's understanding of place. As a result, the boundaries of space are no longer just physical because a responsibility is added towards the collective memory that makes a place."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark Willie

Graphic Designer

"Being able to meet and work with other design professionals from different disciplines on a shared vision for a community project, as well as engaging with that community in a meaningful way."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Johns

Architect, Registered
Mdesigns + MWJ Consulting LLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The design process is often more important than the final product.


Shirlesa Baido

Cost Estimator
Stella and Sterling Brickhaus Group, LLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sylvia Palms

Landscape Architect, Registered
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reflects volunteers' profession and firm at time of Design Grant
Project Title
ACANA: Conceptual Design for Creating Cultural Identity on Woodland Avenue
6500 block of Woodland Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Mount Moriah
Southwest Philadelphia
Volunteer Hours
Value of Pro Bono Services
Design Grant Completed
June 30, 2019


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