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The Collaborative’s initiatives address significant challenges and opportunities throughout Philadelphia and other cities. 


Initiatives support innovation and establish new partnerships to reactivate the built environment of communities in Philadelphia by providing:

  • Access to significant intellectual capital through the pro bono services of design professionals across disciplines
  • Opportunities to convene and engage diverse stakeholders, including design professionals, community leaders and members, real estate development professionals, policymakers, public officials, funders, and the media
  • Opportunities to communicate the capacity of the design process to solve significant community problems, re-envision physical assets in Philadelphia, and support equitable development
  • Tools to influence public policy and promote systems change

Each Collaborative initiative provides a unique, integrated package of design services, events, programs, and communications. Topics, programming, timeline, and budget are determined through consultations between the Collaborative and prospective initiative partners. Fees associated with initiatives vary based on the approach and scope.

Learn more about Initiatives here.

Interested in accessing design services? We’re currently retooling our process for applying. In the meantime, you can express interest by emailing Jesse Blitzstein at with a brief description of your organization, potential project, and need for assistance.



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