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Corporate Champions: Stantec

Stantec Team at Leverage
Along with its’s global scale, Stantec is locally focused and designs with community in mind.   

The firm offers architectural; interior design; civil; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP); and landscape design services as well as long-term implementation planning. This breadth enables Stantec to create communities from a holistic perspective instead of assembling them from singular scopes of work. The firm puts people first by giving everyone a point of view and believing that design services should be available to everyone. It puts this principle into practice through its involvement with the Collaborative.

Evan Wilbert, Senior Associate, who first volunteered with the Collaborative on design grants and the Design Services Committee before joining the Board in 2020, advocated for Stantec to become a Corporate Champion based on the core values that the firm shares with the Collaborative. Recalling the pro bono work that it has done with the Collaborative, Evan stated “this is what Stantec wants people involved with, what our design professionals want to do, and with people we want to meet.”

Volunteering with the Collaborative has empowered Stantec’s younger designers to be involved with design aspects they would not otherwise get to experience early in their career. The Collaborative’s process has volunteers coordinate and facilitate stakeholder meetings, prepare multi-discipline packages, and present their developing projects for critique.

Concept Design from the Oxford Circle project, created by Stantec Volunteers

These are great learning experiences for all levels of Stantec’s volunteers and help grow the team’s background. During one project, the firm partnered with Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA) and students at the Laura H. Carnell Elementary School to design conceptual improvements to the school’s playground. Stantec worked with students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to develop a plan for their schoolyard, asking about the wants of students, the needs of staff, and blending these together to tell a compelling design story. Not only did this process present a great opportunity for growth, but it provided a way to give back to the City. As a result, Stantec has developed a strong and enduring culture of giving back by working with communities through the Collaborative.

In 2019, the firm received the Paul Sehnert Award for Community Design for its work on the Carnell School project. This honor reflects Stantec’s core value of being driven not only to achieve, but to do so at a high level. By applying an entrepreneurial spirit and determination to challenges within the community, Stantec is excited to continue its momentum through future community-serving endeavors. This includes assisting the OCCCDA team with turning their plan for the Carnell School into a reality.

In addition, Stantec has contributed volunteers to multiple teams working on many projects throughout the City. It partnered on the West Philadelphia Youth Sports Facility, which won the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Philadelphia’s 2018 Community Design Award. The firm also collaborated on recent projects such as the Tanner Duckrey School, 1800 North Garden, Bainbridge Green, Dolly Ottey Park, and Old City Green. Stantec believes in the Community Design Collaborative’s mission and is excited to support its efforts as both volunteers and as a Corporate Champion donor.



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